Curious if you've encountered the writings / channelings of modern, non-Christian Marian visionary Clark Strand? His book The Way of the Rose totally rearranged my brain. You can read some of what he brings through on his website at I've literally been telling everyone I know about the book since I discovered it quite serendipitously on Mother's Day this year (coincidence, I think not!).

Your light is your greatest gift to the world

Stop Fearing Your Beauty | Your light is your greatest gift to the world | Age of Empathy | Medium | by Natalie Doel
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My parents celebrated their 44th wedding anniversary in September 2019, two months before my mother died of the brain tumor she had been diagnosed with earlier that year. I’ll never forget the message inscribed inside the card my father gave her, which he had found at the local pharmacy. I don’t remember the words on the front — they were pretty generic as I recall — but on the inside, it read:

With each year that passes, you grow more beautiful.

Below this, in my dad’s own blocky handwriting: Truer words were never spoken. All my love, Stephen

It still…

How I learned to let love in

Four people stand on a hilltop with their arms around each other’s waists, watching the sun set.
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“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” — Dr. Wayne Dyer

It’s hard to choose just one limiting belief to write about because there have been so many! After all, I’ve been practicing past-life regression-based growth work and spiritual life coaching for more than a decade now. When I asked my inner guidance though, one belief emerged whose release has transformed my life in the most fundamental way. It is:

“I am alone.”

This belief was once so strong in me that it literally set the stage for my entire life. I…

Thank you for sharing your heart here. It sounds as though, like me, God sometimes asks you to help process the pain of the world. We don't go looking for these sad stories, but when they are brought to our attention we know that we just have to let all the feelings flow through us, in service of Love.

You might enjoy reading the books of miracle healer Kathryn Kuhlman, who died in the 1970s. The faith she shares is truly contagious, and brings such comfort. …

“Jesus Meditating,” c Bruce Harman, Used with permission.

We’re living through the Second Coming, but it’s not what you think.

Have you noticed how a lot of old Christmas songs just seem to ring hollow this year? No matter what station I tune to, I am struck by lyrics in almost every song that feel like a slap in the face. In “Do You See What I See,” when the wise men intone, “A child, a child, shivers in the cold, we will bring him silver and gold,” I want to shout, “Silver and gold?? How about some fricking food and blankets? Why is it so goddamn hard to just give people what they need, Congress?” Not that silver and…

Arthur R. MacDougall, Jr. as a young man circa 1920

My ancestors knew that the simplest blessings really are the most precious

Today when I asked for guidance from Spirit on what to write about, I found myself reciting a prayer of thanksgiving that has been passed down in my family (which goes back hundreds of years in New England) for generations. Ah yes, of course, the Thanksgiving theme. It goes like this:

Father, we thank you for your care,

For food to eat, and clothes to wear,

Be present with us everywhere,

And bless the absent members of our family.


In my lifetime, this prayer has only been recited at holiday gatherings, but I’m sure it was originally meant to…

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What Will It Really Take to Restore the Soul of America?

Listening to Joe Biden speak of this time in our nation’s history as a time of healing, I felt my heart expand with an unequivocal YES! I join many of my fellow citizens in the knowledge that not just this country, but humanity as a whole must change now, or die. We have for years been in the throes of what complementary health practitioners call a “healing crisis,” in which symptoms pile up until the motivation is achieved to put time and energy into healing their cause. …

Natalie Doel

Mystic and lover of God, spiritual but not religious, writing in service to the Light within. Learn more about me and my work at

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